Current Vacancies

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1 SAP QA Manager

Job Description:

  • Test Strategy - Build a test plan across work stream, timing, integrated/regression testing
  • Test Artifacts - Manage development of test scripts working with business leads in finance, regions, SBUs, plans and direct the test analysts working remotely
  • Test Timelines - Incorporate a synchronized test schedule
  • Test Metrics - Manage the test results and issues through to resolution working with PMs , business, SAP leads for resolution
  • Risks and Issues - Highlight any system issues and risks
  • Daily stand ups - for each project under the SAP QA Managers remit, they will attend the project stand up at least once a week.
  • Design authority - Each new project has to pass through the design authority process to confirm the proposed architecture meets the requirements. A key responsibility for the SAP QA Manager will be to attend these meetings on behalf of the project to gain an understanding of how the project needs to be tested in the bigger picture.
  • Gate assurance - As part of project delivery methodology, projects are required to pass through a series of gates. It is the responsibility of the SAP QA Manager to confirm that from a QA perspective all of the requirements for the gate have been met in a complete fashion.
  • Mentoring / coaching - The SAP QA Manager resource will be a thought leader in the ways of testing and the best practice associated with that. Part of the role will include mentoring and coaching of the Test Analysts embedded in the projects. This coaching will extend out to the BA's and Dev's with regard to the agile ways of working
  • Escalation point - At times there will be issues and problems that need fixing. Sometimes escalation will be required. The SAP QA Manager is there to facilitate this before having to raise it to the Head of QA / Head of Dev level.
  • Test and tools review - As part of the ongoing assurance model, the SAP QA Manager will, at stages in the projects, review the tests created by the Test Analysts along with the tools being used. Direction and guidance can be given here on Gazprom standards and best practice
  • Continuous Improvement - It will be the role of the SAP QA Managers to task the Test Analysts and themselves with mini continuous improvement projects that benefit the particular project they are working on. This again is a way of promoting 'best of breed' in the QA space.